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Affordable luxury.

Heirloom quality at a remarkable price.
— $1,000 less than comparable products on the market —
You’re not dreaming. Unless, of course, you’re already sleeping on one of our mattresses.

What’s so great about a latex mattress?

A Natural Latex mattress like Spindle is traditionally thought of as the mattress maker’s mattress. It’s got a “mellow” feel and excellent support. It’s healthier. No chemical flame retardants; no chlorinated or brominated solvents. It’s inherently easy to adjust and customers tell us latex lasts a long time.
Like the butcher who sells you roast beef and carries home a hanger steak, the mattress maker will sell you an innerspring set and then go home and sleep like a lamb on latex. Not us.
Spindle is built on a business model that goes beyond COGS (cost of goods sold) and profit margin. We’re micro-focused on one product. Our direct e-commerce approach cuts out overhead and middlemen. You get a remarkable mattress with free shipping, price protections, and warranty programs that make sense. We are lean, innovative, and want your business. Honestly.
We use Vertical Manufacturing techniques to keep Spindle prices affordable. That mattress that you’ve been dreaming about for years is finally within reach.

Vertical Integration

Spindle takes a different approach. We control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. From how we source our materials to how your mattress is made to how it ends up in your hands:
We buy our latex and fabrics directly from the source.
Our mattress cases and covers are sewn to our specifications by real people.
We buy our solid wood foundations directly from the Amish carpenters who build them.
Our e-commerce business model by passes the mattress stores and their prices and high profit. The money goes into your pocket instead of the mattress store’s pocket.
We are the only ones who sell our mattresses.
Four generations of mattress making experience and relationships with suppliers ensures that we get the highest quality materials at the lowest prices. No corners cut.

60 day best price guarantee.

Up to 60 days from the date you purchase a  mattress from Spindle, if we lower our price you get a refund for the difference between the new price and your purchase price. Want know more about our policy? Visit our knowledge center.

Free shipping to continental U.S.

The cost of shipping is included in everything we sell. The more mattresses we sell, the better pricing. Want to know more about our shipping? Jump to the Spindle knowledge center.

Isn’t it time you bought a Spindle?


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