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Will my Spindle mattress soften or sag? Yes. All mattresses do.

All mattresses will eventually soften, sag or get an imprint from where you've been sleeping. The good news is that latex does it at half the rate of a conventional material. The normal compression in a traditional mattress is an inch and a half to two inches. Your Spindle is warrantied against impressions greater than 3/4". That's a "yuge" difference.


The Spindle roll packer. Your mattress’ best friend!

Spindle was founded with the vision of selling remarkable mattresses at kickass prices using an e-commerce platform. Integral to our plan is the ability to ship cost effectively to a residential address. Watch the video and learn how we can get even a king size mattress into three easy to handle boxes.


How your Spindle mattress gets delivered.

Your Spindle mattress ships in three boxes and gets dropped off at your door by FedEx Home Delivery. They roll Tuesday through Saturday. In this video we show you how we pack the mattress, and give you pointers on how to un-box it.


The top of a Spindle mattress

The beauty behind our design is that we use a circular knit fabric with a wool batting. The circular knit is made with organic cotton, and the circular knit has great flexibility associated with it […]


A mattress for the e-commerce revolution

E-commerce has changed the way that people shop for nearly everything from electronics to cars to real estate. Mattresses, however, is a category that people prefer to shop for in a brick and mortar store.