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Thank you, Nest for Less

Spindle must be doing something right because people are taking notice. We’ve begun to work with influential bloggers and journalists who are interested in writing about our mattresses. Nest for Less grabbed our attention as


Assembling my new Spindle Mattress

One of the perks of working for Spindle is that employees get a free mattress. I’ve been working with the company since September and trying out beds in our showroom, but I only took


Don’t Blame the Forecasters

I'm writing this from just outside Boston on the day after a pretty big snowstorm. We got hit with a solid 20" of snow at our house, drifting to nearly four feet in places. There


Mattress return policies. What to look for.

Return policies vary from none to infinity, making this subject confusing at times. Of course there are usually restrictions put on unlimited returns, however there is another side to the debate. I recently was at


Good luck Latex International.

As you may know, Latex International has filed for Bankruptcy. Fortunately, this is Chapter 11 which allows them to continue operating and clear some debt. This is bad news for any of their suppliers because


The end of our synthetic latex blend.

With great regret, we have decided to no longer offer synthetic latex in our mattresses. The tidal wave of information on the interwebs is too much to overcome. People just want a natural latex


What is ILD?

ILD is a measurement of firmness or compression. It is a measurement of how much weight it takes to compress foam. Technically it is how much weight it takes to depress an 50 square inch


What is Talalay latex? Does it matter?

Talalay process latex was developed in the early 70’s and was pioneered by the new startup company Latex International. It really helped bring back latex to the forefront as a raw material used in mattresses.


What are hybrid mattresses?

One of the newest terms to describe mattress types is hybrid mattresses. What exactly is a hybrid mattress? Many manufacturers are using this term to describe a combination of all the other types of mattresses.

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