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Even we can’t perform miracles.

At Spindle, we sometimes get calls from customers who claim their mattress is causing them pain. That’s something I can relate to. I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, sore shoulders and a


The top of a Spindle mattress

The beauty behind our design is that we use a circular knit fabric with a wool batting. The circular knit is made with organic cotton, and the circular knit has great flexibility associated with it […]


Installing the Latex.

In this video Neal and Kim give some tips on how to insert the latex into your Spindle. They demonstrate both the “shake” and “bubble” techniques. Keep in mind: 2 people are needed to assemble […]


How we make a mattress

We keep things pure and simple. We start with three layers of natural latex. It's free of synthetics, fillers, polyurethane foams. It's a continuous pour Dunlop, plus it's Oeko-Tex certified, so it's been […]


A mattress for the e-commerce revolution

E-commerce has changed the way that people shop for nearly everything from electronics to cars to real estate. Mattresses, however, is a category that people prefer to shop for in a brick and mortar store.


Mattress Dominoes

I was online researching something for Spindle when I stumbled across mattress dominoes. It looked like a fun if silly idea. Simmons & Red Roof Inns joined up for a promotional event in New Orleans.


The Goldilocks mattress. Your mileage may vary.

In a previous post I told how my wife and I put our new mattress together. Here I’ll give some observations about transitioning to latex from an innerspring mattress. Prior to our Spindle we were on

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