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Does Spindle sell latex toppers?

June 11, 2019 1 min read

With regrets, we are not making toppers at this time. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Keep in mind that a topper is a great option when placed on the correct system. Given the cost of latex, it is usually an expensive solution when placed on a worn out mattress and box spring. The topper is part of a system and the system is only going to be as strong as its weakest point. So, if the mattress is having problems like sagging or feels worn out, the topper may only mask the problem for a short period of time. When placed on a new mattress, a topper can be a great solution because the whole system is functioning properly. And, if you are trying to make the mattress firmer, a topper typically won't resolve the issue.

There are also lots of sellers out there. We wouldn't go too crazy sweating the details about which latex option will be best. Everyone tries to differentiate themselves by giving fancy names to their products but at the end of the day you're dealing with a commodity product -- think plywood from the lumber yard or home depot. There will be nuances but the similarities will outweigh the differences. We'd recommend getting something at least three-inches thick. It will provide significantly more cushion and stability than a 1" or 2" layer.

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