How we make a mattress

Today we’re going to look at how we make a Spindle mattress. We keep things pure and simple. We start with three layers of natural latex. It’s free of synthetics, fillers, polyurethane foams. It’s a continuous pour Dunlop, plus it’s Oeko-Tex certified, so it’s been tested to be free of any harmful chemicals.

The way we determine the feel of our mattress is varying the firmness of each of the three layers inside. First is our medium mattress, and the way we achieve the feel for the medium, is starting with a firm on the bottom, and two mediums above that. That creates our medium feel. Our second most popular is our firm, and the way we achieve the feel for the firm is two firms on the bottom and a medium on top. As you’ll see in both of these, there’s no polyurethane foam or anything else added. We have latex from top to bottom.

We take our three layers and stack them inside of our zipper cover. We pull up the border, and then we zip on a quilted panel, which is made of organic cotton and a wool batting inside. We use a fabric which is made of organic cotton. It’s woven in the Carolinas, and it’s a circular net. It has great stretch and elasticity, and it gives the true feel of latex. Stitched inside of our fabric is a wool batting. Wool’s a great temperature regulator. It’s able to wick moisture away, allowing you to sleep a little bit cooler. As well, wool is a natural flame retardant, and this allows us to avoid using harmful chemicals in our mattress.

So, if you’re a mattress geek like us, and want to learn more details about our mattress, feel free to give us a call, send us an email. We’re here to help.