How your Spindle mattress gets delivered.

UPDATE: We’re now using UPS for shipping [the video still says FedEx]. Your Spindle mattress gets delivered right to your door in three boxes. In this video we show you how we pack the mattress, and give you pointers on how to un-box it.

Here’s the transcript:

Today we’re going to look at how you receive your mattress. We make it to order and don’t pull it off a shelf, so it takes about seven days for us to ship it out to you. Plus the time in transit can take one to seven days depending on where you’re located in the United States.

You’ll receive your mattress via UPS, and we’ll send you a tracking number when we put your mattress on our loading dock for pick up. Please note the tracking number may not work until 6 p.m. on the east coast because of the UPS processing system.

Don’t worry if the boxes look a little roughed up when you receive them. While UPS does a good job shipping them, these boxes are a little heavy. They weigh about 45 pounds on average.

While the exterior of the package may not look pretty once you receive it, we’ve worked hard on our design and wrapped the materials in heavy plastic to make sure they’re protected inside of the box. So go ahead and open it up. We’ll take care of you if there’s any damage.

You’ll receive three boxes from us. Two smaller boxes, which contain layers of latex and one larger box which will have a layer of latex and our zipper cover.

Each box will be labeled with what’s inside. For example we have our medium mattress here. For the smaller boxes one box will have a firm layer and another will have a medium layer. For the taller box, which is labelled Open Me First, you’ll have a medium layer inside.

You’ll start with the Open Me First box. Remember, do not use a sharp object when removing the tape and begin from the side where the label is located because this is where you’ll find the cover. In each box you’ll find a layer of latex wrapped in a tube. Inside the box you’ll find assembly instructions. Plus, we have assembly videos on our site.

And a quick assembly tip: once you remove the cover from the packaging, find the box with the correct firmness either medium or firm based on the firmness that you selected. And, when you’re stacking that layer inside the cover, remember the cover’s going to look a little bit smaller. Don’t worry, it’s designed that way and the latex should fit snugly inside of the cover.

If you have any questions about how you’ll receive your mattress, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, we’re happy to help.