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Profits to Charity

We instituted our Give Back program at the beginning of 2019. 10% of our after-tax profits will be given to charities to The Conservation Fund.

    We understand that some of our progressive choices may be off-putting to some of our customers. Please know that's not our intent. We have great respect for those whose views may not align with ours. We do risk losing sales by wearing the values we choose on our sleeve. We are not a mission- or purpose-based business selling products or services to support a cause, nor are we green-washers.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions about our program. We'd welcome the chance to have the conversation about our program.

    *Effective 9/17/19, we are reevaluating some charities that we've listed in the past to ensure that the organizations align with our beliefs, are the least controversial, and spend money effectively and efficiently.