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    Shipping to Canada

    Yes, we do ship to Canada.

    Please note there are additional costs. The cost will depend on the mattress size and if you need a foundation. The fees for shipping will include all shipping costs, brokerage fees, duties and taxes (GST, QST, + HST). With regrets, the trade war has caused Canada to implement a SIMA duty on all mattresses imported which increases the cost by 10%.

    Admittedly, there is some sticker shock. Please note that GST, HST, and/or PST ranges from 5% to 15.5% depending on the province. With the SIMA duties, there alone were at 15 to 25.5% additional cost and we still have additional duties, brokerage fees, and shipping charges related to moving product from the USA to Canada. All of these additional costs are included in the line item at checkout referred to as shipping.

    Unfortunately, you won't see until the final amount until you've entered the shipping information so that the shopping cart can calculate the expense.

    All charges to your credit card will be in US Dollars. Some banks assess additional fees for foreign currency transactions and you may want to check with yours to understand their policies.

    Keep in mind that our refund policy is not the same for US customers as it is for Canadian when purchased directly through the Spindle website. Brokerage fees, duties and taxes (GST, QST, + HST) are nonrefundable.

    In terms of the warranty and the 25 year comfort life, additional shipping charges and custom/brokerage fees fee may apply when shipped to Canada.

    Our Comfort Guarantee, Refund, and Comfort Life/Parts policies do not apply to purchases through 3rd party marketplaces such as Wayfair, Amazon, Etsy and others.