Motion Transfer

One thing that people love about sleeping on a natural latex mattress is that they are less frequently bothered during the night by their partner rolling over. “Motion transfer”, from a mattress point of view, is the term given to how the surface reacts when there’s motion on it.

This video shows that wonderful mattress maker’s trick of putting a jar of water on the mattress and demonstrating that no matter how they disturb their “side” of the bed, the water doesn’t spill. A memory foam mattress will similarly absorb the transfer of motion. An innerspring mattress transfers motion the worst. Sleeping partners are often disturbed during the night when one person rolls over: the whole mattress shakes.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see what we mean! A transcript follows:

Today we’re going to look at one of the benefits of sleeping on latex, motion transfer. The natural elasticity of latex absorbs the impact and doesn’t transfer it to the other part of the bed. To demonstrate, we’ve opened up the inside of one of our mattresses so you can see the latex. When we push over here, the motion is absorbed by the latex so the water doesn’t tip over. This means when you’re in bed with somebody and they move around, you won’t feel it as much. And it even works when we put the cover on it. The natural elasticity of the circular knit fabric still absorbs the impact.

Here we have an open-coil innerspring unit. Everything is tied together by this helical wire, so motion is transferred easier. One person moves, the other person feels it. So now with this type of construction, the glass of water will tip over.

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