How the mattress fits in a small box

Spindle was founded with the vision of selling remarkable mattresses at kickass prices using an e-commerce platform. Integral to our plan is the ability to ship cost effectively to a residential address. Watch the video and learn how we can get even a king size mattress into three easy to handle boxes.

Here’s the transcript:

Today we’re going to look at how we shrink our latex down to fit into a small box.

We use a machine called a roll packer that can take a queen-size piece of latex that measures 59.5 inches wide by 79 inches long by three inches thick, and compress it down into a cylinder 16 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall, decreasing the shipping volume by 77%.

To begin, we inspect and cut the natural latex to size. Please note that we only compress one layer at a time because two or more layers would be quite heavy. A firm queen layer weights around 45 pounds.

Now we’re ready to package the natural latex. To start, we fold and wrap the latex inside of plastic sheeting to protect it during the compressing process. Once we’ve sealed shut the latex, it is placed on a belt that feeds it into the rollers. Inside of the machine, there are a set of rollers that compress the material down. After that, a piston comes down and pushes the latex into a very heavy plastic tubing.

It’s pretty cool how much we can shrink it down. Without compressing it, the latex would fit in a box this big, but we’re able to use a lot smaller one. Because of this, our shipping costs are very low. We’re able to offer free shipping and make an affordable, natural latex mattress.

One quick tip to keep in mind. Since we compress the layer before we ship, make sure to open within three weeks of receiving it and store flat. If you have any other questions free feel to give us a call, send us an email. We’re happy to help.