Spindle's Wool + Cotton Cover

So today we’re going to look at how our cover is designed. The beauty behind our design is that we use a circular knit fabric with a wool batting. The circular knit is made with organic cotton, and the circular knit has great flexibility associated with it that’s soft, pliable, and stretchy. This does not impede the true feel of latex, it actually enhances it.

We use it on both sides, on the top, as well as the back, to give great elasticity to the cover, which gives you the true feel of latex. As well, we’ve put a layer of wool stitched inside of here. Great natural flame retardant, and it also regulates temperature by wicking moisture away.

We’re going to look at some real life examples of how our fabric works. Our fabric is a circular knit like you’d find in a sock. So we’re going to show how this sock, this small sock, can fit over a wood block. It’s has the same flexibility that you’ll find in our cover, allowing it the flex and get the true feel of the latex.

Another type of fabric that’s often used in mattresses is a twill or a canvas. Same kind of material that you’d find in a pair of jeans. As you can see, the leg here is not going to be able to fit over this block. So as we stretch to try and get it over, we run out of fabric, because there’s no elasticity in this type of fabric.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help. As a fourth generation mattress maker, we can answer any question that you have for us. Thanks.