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Essentia vs Spindle

Unfortunately, which is better - Spindle or Essentia - is a question that we can't answer for you. For some people, Essentia can be a good option and other cases it may not be the right fit. It matters what is important to you in the mattress.

Essentia makes an "all" latex mattress called the Stratami. It is made with 8" of imported GOLS natural latex and is only available in one firmness.

They use a kevlar wrap layer as a flame retardant which they have named "The Bucaneve." All the materials are housed in a removable, washable cotton cover.

The Stratami in Queen goes for $2,871.00 [as of 8/16/19].

They also have a line of mattresses that are a combination of organic latex and what they call "natural memory foam." We're going to stick with the all-latex comparison, as the Stratami is the most closely comparable to Spindle.

Spindle makes one 10-inch, "all" natural latex mattress. It is comprised of three 3" layers of "100%" natural latex which is Okeo-Tex, FSC, and Rainforest Alliance certified that are made in the USA. The natural latex goes inside of a quilted zipper cover with approximately 1" of Eco-Wool stitched inside of the organic cotton fabric. Our cover is removable to air out in the sun, but it is NOT washable or dry cleanable.

Spindle arrives at your doorstep in 2-3 boxes (depending on what size your ordered) and you simply zip the layers into the cover yourself. It's relatively easy and check out our video demonstrating the assembly process.

We offer four configurations of firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm. Each comfort level is made with combinations of Medium and/or Firm latex. These internal layers can be adjusted as needed to tweak your comfort level after you have purchased a Spindle.

A huge benefit to owning a Spindle mattress is we offer a 365 comfort adjustment policy. If you are not comfortable on our mattress right out of the box, there are ways we can help you adjust the comfort of your mattress. Sometimes this can be done by just reconfiguring the latex within the case. Other times, especially if you are looking to go much softer or much firmer, another sheet of latex is needed. We see about 15% of people adjusting the comfort of our mattress, regardless of whether they tried it out in our showroom or bought it online sight unseen. Unfortunately, the true test of a mattress is sleeping on it. With our mattress, you have options to adjust the comfort by reorganizing the layers or use our 365 Comfort Adjustment.

In the end, some think that ability to adjust the comfort of our mattress is a great feature while others may feel that they want to buy a mattress and be done with it. We can't tell you which is better -- Spindle or Essentia -- (mostly because we're biased) but we can describe the differences and let you make your own decision.