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365 day comfort adjustment.

If you haven’t already done it, use our comfort calculator to determine which Spindle is right for you. Most people love their Spindle the first time they lie down. Others decide they’d like it just a bit firmer or softer. In most cases you just reconfigure the latex. But there are times — especially when going softer — when a different density layer of 3” latex is recommended. The Modification costs up to $200 and has to be used during the first year you own the mattress. Call us anytime. We love helping our customers reach their Goldilocks’ zone.

10 Year Warranty

Your Spindle mattress comes with a straightforward limited 10 year warranty. If the latex fails within the first 10 years we will replace it free of charge. We found that most 25 year warranties sounded impressive but provided little value or protection to the consumer. What good is a warranty if it ends up costing you more than it’s worth? Spindle’s unique modular design — paired with our innovative 25 year Comfort Renewal program — provides countless options for prolonging the life of your mattress. You get individualized flexibility at a price that makes sense.

25 Year Comfort

Life Program

Even at Spindle’s sensible price point, quality mattresses are considered a high ticket item. There’s no reason in six, ten or twelve years — whenever you decide it’s time — to spend thousands more dollars on a new mattress. Now you can leverage your investment in your Spindle. Our Comfort Life program lets you buy replacement parts for your Spindle at discounted rates so you can always have your mattress performing at near brand-spanking new condition. You don’t throw a good sofa away. You have it reupholstered. Now you can apply that same kind of “makes sense” thinking to your mattress.

We Listen


No one likes rules that don’t make sense, so at Spindle we try to keep things simple. We also realize there are exceptions to every rule. If you think that any of our policies aren’t fair or shouldn’t apply to you, please give us a call. We’ll do our best to find a reasonable solution that works.

The math.

We have great confidence in the quality and workmanship of every product that leaves our workshop.  We suggest to all of our customers that they should expect to get a good ten years of use from their mattress.

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How to assemble your Spindle Mattress at home.

All mattresses will eventually soften, sag or get an imprint from where you've been sleeping. The good news is that latex does it at half the rate of a conventional material. The normal compression in a traditional mattress is an inch and a half to two inches. Your Spindle is warrantied against impressions greater than 3/4". That's a "yuge" difference.

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Modifying the comfort of your mattress.

The unique design of a Spindle mattress gives you the ability to modify its comfort to meet your needs. In this video we demonstrate the process of firming up the feel of our Medium natural latex mattress.

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