365 Day Comfort Adjustment

We think that in today’s world, buying a mattress is overcomplicated. You don’t need all the gimmicks and gadgets that are designed to make you spend more money.

Over four generations of making mattresses, we’ve learned that simpler is the way to a better night’s rest. While our mattress works for most people, sometimes you need to adjust the comfort of the mattress. That is why we allow you to make one comfort adjustment within 365 days of purchase.

Our unique design allows you to adjust the comfort of your mattress by simply unzipping the cover and changing out a layer of natural latex foam.

If you are interested in adjusting the comfort of your mattress, please contact us so that we can assist you in getting the right firmness.

Please note that there is a fee of up to $200 to make a comfort adjustment by changing out a layer of latex. We believe this nominal fee, which includes shipping, is a far better solution than buying a whole new mattress. Plus, we let you keep the piece of latex that you already had, in case you change your mind.