Replacement parts for your Spindle mattress.

Modular system.

Latex mattresses using a modular system like Spindle’s are known as the “mattress maker’s mattress” for many reasons. The big advantage is that our mattresses are easy to adjust, modify and renew. We have a number of programs in place to meet your needs if/when a modification is needed, such as our 365 Day Comfort Adjustment and 25 Year Life Comfort programs.

Unforeseen Circumstances (Life).

But what if something happens that those programs don’t cover? Like your pet rabbit has eaten through the cover and started to gnaw at your latex? Or a bucket of water spilled on the bed and ruined the quilted top? For these kinds of situations we offer replacement parts.

These parts are available to original purchasers of a Spindle mattress at a 30% discount off of street prices, and are reviewed on a case by case basis. They cannot be ordered through our website. You have to contact us by email or by phone. Representative street prices for Queen replacement parts:

Replacement Cover — $280.00
Replacement Layer of latex — $360.00
prices updated 3/1/17

As with any questions you have regarding your Spindle mattress, contact us. We’ll do our best to understand your situation and come up with a solution that best serves your needs.