Where can I try out a Spindle?

The only place where you can see and try out a Spindle 10″ Natural Latex mattress is at our workshop in Acton, MA. We have a small showroom with the mattress displayed in various configurations, from soft to extra firm.

You may have found Spindle after doing online research, you may have taken the opportunity to lie on another company’s mattress and are now shopping around to see the marketplace’s options. We find most latex mattresses of a certain class are comparable in feel. There may be slight differences in the composition, such as type of latex used; construction of case [i.e.: sewn vs. zippered]; number of layers; and degrees of firmness, but in the end it’s like comparing a Toyota to a Honda, or even to a Kia. There may be brand equity or loyalty but the products — again, in a certain class — will all have similar feels. Also keep in mind that the mattress you lie on in a store will feel different from the mattress delivered to your home.

As an e-commerce company it’s only natural that the great majority of our customers buy online without having ever seen our mattress. We recommend you read our study on customer satisfaction comparing purchases made sight unseen to those that were made in our showroom after trying out a Spindle. We were surprised. You may be too.

Buying a mattress online is still a novelty for many people and we counsel that you only buy a mattress from us if you’re committed to latex.