Spindle is raising its prices.


When and What.

Spindle’s prices are going up…our Save $200 promotion ends on February 28. see our note below the fold on “why the higher price”.

Use the discount code EARLYBIRD and save $200 off our new prices and avoid the price increase. 

Our new prices will be:

  New Price Old Price
Twin $1,099.99 899.99
Twin XL $1,099.99 $949.99
Full $1,399.99 $1,249.99
Queen $1,499.99 $1,349.99
King $1,849.99 $1,699.99

$200 Earlybird discount applies only to our Spindle Collection. Foundations, B-Stock mattresses, parts, or accessories are not elegible for the promotion.

Why the higher price?

We’ve held off for a long time. We last had an across the board price increase about five years ago.

Our EARLYBIRD promotion was scheduled to end Dec. 31, but we’ve decided to extend it. There’s no reason to feel pressured to do anything by an artificially imposed deadline — especially at this time of year when we hope for joyous respite from the daily grind. We want you to take your time and buy a Spindle when you’re ready. That’s why we’ve extended our $200 OFF promotion to Feb. 28th: to give you the space you need to enjoy the holidays and to help relieve some of those pressures.

The price increase can be explained. There are a number of changes we’ve made over the years, and we’d love to tell you about some of them.

365 Day Money Back Comfort Guarantee.

New policy: 100% money back. Every single cent. No cost to you. Zippo. Nada. Old policy: you paid $200 for returns.

Everyone knows that choosing a mattress after lying on it for 20 minutes in a store is no guarantee you’ll like it. It takes time for you to adjust to the mattress — we suggest giving yourself at least 30 to 60 days before even considering any judgement. During that time your body will get used to the new feel, the mattress will relax and you’ll hopefully shed any lingering fears of buyer’s remorse.

Spindle has always given you up to a year to become one with your mattress. If anytime during that year you decide that Spindle is not your best bet just let us know. We only ask that you give us the chance to get you comfortable. If we can’t get you comfortable we’ll refund your purchase price for the mattress.

Free Comfort Adjustment.

New policy: you get 1 complimentary adjustment. Your cost: $0.00, aka zero; free. Old policy: you paid $150 to $200 for additional latex.

Our no cost comfort adjustment works in tandem with our money back comfort guarantee. Spindle’s design makes it easy to modify the comfort of your mattress. For starters, we can get two to three different feels from each mattress just by rearranging the layers. If we think more acute changes are needed we’ll send you supplemental materials for free. If after we’ve worked together in good faith you’re still uncomfortable, you’re still eligible for a 100% refund.

Made in USA.

We continue to only use materials made in the United States. Our eco-wool is carded in California. Our cotton is woven and knit in the Carolinas. Our foam is manufactured in Pennsylvania. Our foundations are built in Arizona.

We could save money by sourcing off-shore. We choose not too. The American businesses we buy from operate at a higher standard than those in some other parts of the world [e.g.: Sri Lanka]. You’re assured that water exits manufacturing facilities cleaner than it went in; employees are paid a fair wage [and pay taxes to support our country]; factories are operated to OSHA rules and are held accountable for on the job accidents; no child labor is used; our suppliers are engaged participants in their local living economies. Your money stays here and the positive trickledown affects all United States citizens.