The Spindle story. About our natural latex mattress.

The Spindle story. About our natural latex mattress.

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Spindle Mattress was founded by Neal Van Patten, a fourth generation mattress maker, to build an heirloom quality mattress at a price that makes sense. Selling direct to customers is in Neal’s blood. If a customer wasn’t happy with the feel of their mattress his great uncle, back in the day, would consult with the customer, discover what was needed and then fine-tune the mattress to meet that particular customer’s needs. Spindle’s unique design allows us to continue that tradition. E-commerce has made it affordable.

Each Spindle Natural Latex Mattress is constructed of three 3″ layers of all-natural latex, organic cotton and eco-wool. The feel of your mattress is contingent on the configuration of the latex inside its case. The great thing that really sets us apart from 99% of the mattresses out there is that, if a comfort adjustment is needed, you can tweak the comfort level…AND…you can do it yourself, without the hassles of dealing with returns, pickups, deliveries and exorbitant fees.

That’s the Spindle Mattress story in a nutshell. Of course, we’re always here to answer any questions you might have, so drop us an email or give us a call.

Here’s the transcript of the video:

So the traditional method of going to buy a mattress is you go to the big box retailer, and that isn’t designed to give you the best value. What we do at Spindle Mattress is something really unique. We cut out the middle man. You don’t have to end up going to the retail store and having that awkward experience of a mattress salesman sitting over you and you sitting in the mattress store under this fluorescent lighting. We have the option to buy online. So you can come to our comfortable site, find the mattress that you want. Our unique design allows you to customize it and we can find the right feel or fit for you.

The mattress is shipped UPS to your home. It’s a easy process to put together. You take it out, unzip the cover, place it on the position where you want to put it and then layer in the layers of latex. Zip it up and have a good night’s sleep. So the really unique thing that we use, we use latex, and when you go shopping for it, it’s these two and three thousand and four thousand dollar mattresses that are completely unattainable for most people, and we’ve incorporated it into a mattress for less.

The longevity of it is fantastic compared to other materials, and it’s comfortable. Usually, you have to sacrifice when you’re buying a mattress and you want something that lasts, you’re gonna have to find something that’s very hard. Latex lasts and it’s quite conformable it’ll wrap around you. I’m a fourth generation mattress maker. My great uncle started the business selling direct to the customer. So he had complete interaction. When you had a problem you came to him, he fixed it. We’re doing the same thing that he was doing back in the ’50s.

So that’s what makes us proud is the value that we’re able to offer to a customer by buying direct without sacrificing comfort or durability. We can fix it for you, we’re the mattress makers. You really need to lie down on a mattress. You need to spend some nights on it to know if it’s right for you, and our motto allows that. It allows you to get it in your home, sleep on it, and know if it’s right for you.