Your Spindle.

You’ll know exactly what goes into your mattress
because you put it together yourself.

100% Natural Latex.

Latex provides reduced motion
and noise, pressure relief, and it conforms
easily to body’s curves. 

And, latex is known to be
very durable.

Latex mattresses are generally
more comfortable than other
mattress designs. 

Our mattresses are only made with what’s typically referred to as 100% Natural Latex. We could tell you that the foam rubber that’s used in your mattress is all natural. But it isn’t. All “100% Natural Latex” is only 95% natural latex and 100% of that latex comes from rubber trees. To make the raw latex useable in a mattress it’s typically mixed with a blend of zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps, sulfur, sodium, and proprietary ingredients essential for the vulcanization, foaming, and curing process. Even certified organic latex is produced in this fashion.

Mountain Top

We use continuous-pour Dunlop latex manufactured by Mountain Top Foam in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. While the latex is manufactured in the US, the raw liquid latex is sourced globally because the heveabrasiliensis, rubber tree, is not found in the US. So, it is typically brought in from Guatemala and on occasion from countries in the Asia Pacific region like SriLanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, or Thailand.

Natural Eco-Wool

It adds an additional slight
cushion to the latex.

It wicks away moisture keeping you
warmer in winter and cooler in

 And most importantly, it provides
a chemical free flame barrier
between the latex and you.

While we don’t know the names of the sheep, they are raised humanely and the wool is minimally processed without harmful chemicals. It’s all done in accordance with the Eco-Wool guidelines. Woolgatherer Carding Mill is setting thebar for responsible husbandry.


We use Eco-Wool from Woolgatherer Carding Mill in Montague, California from herds raised in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. People ask if the wool is organic. It isn’t.

Organic Cotton

Flexibility conforms
to your body helping reduce
pressure points

Buoyancy provides an uplifting
experience that can improve

Elasticity absorbs the impact so
you won’t feel your partner
move as much.

In our top quilting, we use a circular knit fabric made with organic cotton. This results in an incredibly flexible and stretchy case that helps you experience the true benefits of latex:

The Carolinas

The fabric used in the mattress uses organic cotton from — depending on the buying season and availability— New Mexico, Texas, or India. Domestic cotton is the primary and preferred source, but something we cannot guarantee. The cotton is woven in mills in South Carolina.


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