Modifying the comfort of your mattress.

The unique design of a Spindle mattress gives you the ability to modify its comfort to meet your needs. In this video we demonstrate the process of firming up the feel of our Medium natural latex mattress.

Here’s the transcript:

Today, we’re going to look at adjusting the comfort of your Spindle mattress. For those having a difficult time choosing between a medium and a firm, or for those that want to adjust their current mattress, with a Spindle you have options.

Our design gives you the ability in your home to make our standard configuration slightly firmer. We’re going to look at our medium configuration. It starts with our firm layer on the bottom with the holes facing down, followed by a medium layer with the holes facing down, and another medium layer on top with the holes facing down.

The beauty behind our design is you can reorganize the layers to adjust the comfort. Start by unzipping the cover and removing the layers. The most common reconfiguration for making our medium mattress firmer is starting with the medium layer on the bottom with the holes facing up, then we put the firm layer in the middle with the holes facing up, followed by a medium layer on top with the holes facing down.

This is our medium configuration made slightly firmer. You’ll notice when we put the first two layers inside we had the holes facing up, contrary to the standard configuration. When the latex is poured, pins drop in from the top side giving the top layer a slightly firmer feel for some, but when we put our comfort layer on, we keep the holes down to give a slightly softer feel for comfort.

Keep in mind, try not to change your mattress too much. You can get caught in a vicious cycle where nothing feels comfortable. Try to give it at least 30 days so you can get used to the unique feel of your new latex mattress. So don’t try to go it alone, we’re here to help. Rely on our experience. We can help guide you in selecting which firmness or softness that you wanna go with. Feel free to give us a call, send us an e-mail, we’re happy to help.