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Remarkable mattress.
Remarkable Reviews.


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The web is buzzin’ about Spindle.

We purchased a Firm mattress (with Neal’s guidance for our circumstances) and after nearly 3 weeks, my wife and I both appreciate the mattress. This is our first experience with a latex mattress and we are both quite comfortable with the mattress and the purchase it. It makes it easier that Spindle provides its customers with a lot of time to purchase another 3″ layer for a very modest price, if necessary, down the road.

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We both missed our new mattress when we went to Maine for Christmas and had to sleep on the ancient and awful almost as hard as boards twin mattresses at Mr. Goldilock’s mother’s condo. All in all we are very happy with our Spindle mattress. I wish we would have found MU _before_ we bought the Too Firm futon… We are very happy with the knowledge of the folks ate Spindle, their willingness to let us come pick it up!!, and the quality of the latex, in a cotton cover with wool batting, at a VERY reasonable price point!!

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Just woke up after the first night on my Spindle mattress, and I’d like to share my experience.

I feel like the entire mattress industry is just icky. Shopping for a new mattress is gross… with all the sleazy sales tactics and overhyped nonsense out there, I’m skeptical of everything and everybody, including this site. So I was nervous about ordering a mattress online, without trying it, simply based on what I read here.

I figure, if I’m spending a third of my life with my face pressed against something, I don’t want it to be made from petroleum. And if I’m spending a hunk of money, especially on something that’s annoying to dispose of like a mattress, it’s worth spending more to get a product that lasts longer. So, healthy, clean, durable, comfortable? As far as I can tell, that means only one thing: all latex.

But latex is expensive. How to find a good deal on all latex that seems trustworthy? The best bet I found was Spindle.

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I purchased my latex mattress from Spindle almost a year ago, It is the best purchase I ever made. The prices were also much less than an online purchase plus shipping for the same product. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had, after almost a year it is still perfect. You can’t go wrong at Spindle.

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The bed with the topper is amazing, it’s hands down the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I’ve slept on air mattresses, water beds, memory foam, and spring beds with huge pillow tops. None come close to this bed. I wake up and not a single ache or pain. The only problem, I don’t want to get out of it in the morning! The best part, the price, we paid less than $2000 for the bed and topper, for a King. Compare that to the price of the SaavyRest bed and it’s a no brainer. Made in the US, great quality bed, customer service is amazing.

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Isn’t it time you bought a Spindle?


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