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    Organic Latex Mattress - Greater Boston

    Hear From Our Massachusetts Customers

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    Been sleeping on my Spindle mattress for a month now. Took a couple of nights to get used to it, but now I'm consistently sleeping soundly and comfortably. Definitely cooler and more comfortable than coil or memory foam mattresses.

    Kristen B., Sudbury, MA

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    After 4 months, we love this mattress even more than when we first laid down on it. The fact that you can configure the mattress by rearranging the layers is genius. It is a little bit of work to do the rearranging but you can get it "just so" and the payoff is amazing.

    Alex S., Brookline, MA

    Five Star out of Five Mattress Rating Logo

    I researched several nontoxic mattresses and what sold me on Spindle were two things. First is the option to adjust the firmness by rearranging the latex layers. Second is the 365-day guarantee and while DIY options might seem cheaper at first, without a warranty, you could end up spending just as much, if not more.

    Paul B., Framingham, Mass.

    Five Star out of Five Mattress Rating Logo

    We decided to try a spindle mattress because we loved the idea of being able to swap the layers and the warranty was really good so we weren't worried about what to do if we didn't like it. But thankfully we love it.

    Andrew G., Boston, MA

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