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B Stock Mattress



The prices reflect a $100 savings.

You can expect Spindle's B-stock mattress to perform in the same manner as our 1st quality products.

The defects will be only related to the cover and will contain cosmetic flaws that will not affect comfort or durability. Covers may have variations in color; a machine stain/marking from the weaving or sewing process; slight rips and tears; a skipped or extra stitch; or an iron-on patch to repair a defect caused during the weaving, knitting or sewing process. We cannot guarantee what type of defective you'll receive and we wouldn't accept requests for a specific type -- i.e. I want a cover without any stains.

These are not returned or repackaged goods. Spindle only sells new products that have been neither previously sold to nor used by anyone. As stated in our return process and comfort adjustment policy, we do not take back used product into our facility so we are unable to offer them.

Please note that the latex used is considered first quality, although the latex will have cosmetic defects that we consider normal. With our design, you see how the sausage is made. Meaning, you are seeing things that are normally in a mattress that go unnoticed because it is all sewn up. These imperfections are internal and cosmetic and do not affect the performance or durability. Throughout our marketing materials, like the assembly video starting at 2m 16s, we do try to highlight these inherent imperfections in the latex.

B-stock merchandise is limited to stock on hand. It is covered by the same warranty and customer satisfaction policies as our 1st quality merchandise, but any issue related to the cover would be replaced with a b-stock cover. If we do not have any available at the time of a replacement, we will put you to the top of the list, but we may have to wait a few months until we have a b-stock cover available.