How to assemble your Spindle Mattress at home.

Spindle is the premium all natural latex mattress that puts luxury within reach. How do we do it? If we haven’t made it clear enough by now, pay attention. Rule #1: You assemble the mattress yourself. In this video we show you how it’s done, walking you through from unboxing to preparing the bucket and installing the latex to zipping on the top of the mattress so you can get some sleep! We have a companion video we shot about a year ago illustrating how to get the latex to fit even when you think the mattress enclosure is too small. [Trust us: it’s right sized].

Here’s the transcript:

Before you start, you should know a latex mattress like ours requires a different level of support and airflow than a traditional mattress. Good support is the key to preventing premature softening or sagging, so a latex mattress needs to go onto a proper wooden foundation or a platform bed with slats and center rails.

In my case, I didn’t need a foundation, but the slats that came with my platform bed were a joke. In order to reinforce the slats I needed to add more supports running head to foot, with legs that touched the floor. If you need help reinforcing your bed, we have lots of ideas and product suggestions on our website. With a little handiwork, properly supporting a latex mattress shouldn’t be too difficult.

This is a two-person job so grab a friend – bribes of pizza or wine may be helpful. Latex is both heavy and stretchy so we suggest having an extra set of hands to avoid frustration.

Let’s get started. Obviously, open the box marked “open me first.” When unboxing, please do not use a sharp object. This prevents any damage to the materials inside. In the box you will find the zippered cover, and the assembly directions. Spread out the mattress cover with the quilting facing up on your platform or foundation. Make sure the zipper and the white tags are at the foot of the bed. Then unzip the quilted top and set it aside.

On your directions sheet, find the graphic and circle the configuration for the mattress you chose. On the top of each box, there’s a label telling you what firmness is inside. Find the base layer first. Take the base layer from its box. It’s easiest to place it on the bed, still wrapped. Remove the 2 layers of plastic and your latex will spring to life.

Keep in mind, there are always natural variations within latex. Some areas may be different in color or appearance, some layers will look different than others. There may even be slight tears. NONE of these variations will affect the durability or quality of your mattress. You may not know this, but the softer side of the latex is smooth, while the side with the holes is slightly firmer. We recommend you first build your mattress with the holes facing down.

As you start to put the latex into the cover, you might worry that there’s no way all the layers will fit. They will, I swear. The latex is flexible and the mattress cover is designed to be snug, so everything has a finished look in the end. We’ve found the best way to maneuver the latex is with a wave-like or flicking motion to reposition it. You can also reach under the latex and lift it up a bit to wedge it in. As you move the layer, make sure the bottom stays flat and smooth. You can do this by tugging a little on the edges of the cover.

Start with the corners. You’ve probably noticed by now that the layers are square, but the cover is rounded. Don’t worry, the latex will squish in and fill out the corners of the mattress nicely. Now you’ll start adjusting that base layer to line up with the edges or seams of the cover. This may take a few minutes – it’s ok, it doesn’t have to be perfect. When it’s all set, pull up the sides of the cover, creating the “bucket.”

Take a look back at the chart on your directions. Go ahead and lay in your second and third layers. When you’re stacking the layers, they probably won’t stack exactly perfectly. This is normal! There are variations in length and width. It may also look like the latex is taller than the side of the cover. Again, don’t worry, once you get the top on, everything will fit together snugly.

Grab the top of the cover you put aside earlier. Begin zipping. Tuck the skirt in and push down on the latex as you go. It may be tight, so you may need to pull the top of the cover over to get it to zip up. When you are finished, you have a brand new natural latex mattress from Spindle. Dress it with your mattress protector and your sheets and get some sleep!