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    Selecting the right firmness

    We know you found us because you’re interested in what Spindle has to offer! Organic Latex, no chemical flame retardants, no potentially harmful VOCS, great prices, customizable design. That said, we also know our mattress doesn’t work for everyone. 

    We get it. Latex provides a unique comfort and feel that isn’t right for everybody. In fact, there is no one perfect mattress for everyone. Everyone is different and all mattresses provide a unique feel.

    If you’re curious about Spindle, or if you have questions or concerns, give us a call or send us an email.

    We are happy to recommend other options, or work with you to better understand your latex mattress needs. We’ll be straight with you. At the end of the day, we want you happy and comfortable with the mattress you buy. Even if it isn’t Spindle.


    Because we essentially make one mattress, our design isn't right for everyone. Unfortunately, there really isn't a one size fits all mattress. We’d rather give a good solution or recommendation that works rather than just sell someone a mattress and have them not like it and want to return the mattress. It leaves everyone frustrated and upset. We've made and sold a lot mattresses over the years and these experiences inform our recommendations.

    Keep in mind that we are not prohibiting anyone from purchasing our mattress. It merely is a recommendation based on our experience with our materials and our industry experience. Let us give some background on our logic for helping people select the right mattress. Knowing this may help inform your decision. In the end, a Spindle may be a good fit.

    When it comes to what works for someone, everybody has their own threshold as to what qualifies as comfortable. Some companies are quick to make big claims, e.g: "you'll sleep through the night"; "wake up pain free". We're pretty careful about not making claims that have no baseline, can't be substantiated or are really subjective in nature. We'd rather provide as much information as we can and let the consumer make up their own mind.

    Height + Weight

    To start, nine-inches of latex may not provide enough support or comfort for people not only those with a BMI over 31, but also those with broad shoulder and/or hips or a BMI less than 19 and wanting a soft mattress that may give more pressure relief. Although, there is a chance it could work for them because everyone is different and trying out a similar "all" latex mattress is a good test. We’ve found 12 or 15-inches of latex would usually be more ideal especially since it can't tested before purchasing. Unfortunately, we are not making a mattress using 12" of latex or more at this time. In our experience, nine-inches of latex may not provide the correct level of comfort for certain people. When they sleep on their side where most peoples' weight is put on the shoulders and hips, they may "bottom out" in a nine-inch latex mattress. Meaning, it may not provide enough comfort and the underlying support (slats) may provide some of the feel therefore making the mattress feel hard and causing pressure on the body like the hips and shoulder.

    In our experience, nine-inches of latex may not provide the correct level of comfort for certain people, but it isn't unequivocal. Therefore, we'd encourage people with a BMI less than 19 or over 31 to try locally a nine-inch latex mattress out before deciding if we are a good fit for you because latex provides a different level of support and comfort and nine-inches of latex may provide enough comfort because everyone is different. You may find something locally to learn more about it. Also, don't rule out buying from a local independent retailer. Take a look at the Mattress Underground to find local independent mattress companies in your area. Sometimes, when customers have specific needs, we encourage them to buy locally. You may have a better chance of finding something that's right: for you. Plus, you're likely to find better value and better quality than at the big box stores carrying Sealy, Serta, or Simmons. They may offer services you'll find valuable, such as white glove delivery and mattress removal.

    If you find that you need a 12" mattress, there a lot of good companies out there. They usually use quality materials and from what we hear, they stand behind their product and have good service, but we aren't comfortable recommending a specific one since everyone's experiences are different.

    Too Soft, Too hard or Not Firm Enough

    We've found for those folks that want something really soft, latex isn't always the best fit. Latex is a very resilient, buoyant, and highly flexible material. What some may say is an uplifting experience. Others may equate to feeling too firm. We've found people want that soft pillowtop feel may not find our mattress soft enough. On the other side, latex may not be firm/supportive enough as innerspring because of the natural flexibility of latex.

    Other variables

    We have other variables that make our mattress not a good option for people. Based on our experience, we've found that those who struggle to find any mattress comfortable find our mattress uncomfortable, too.

    Also, we've found that those who have a chronic pain problem or back issues like a herniated disc, fused discs, fibromyalgia, sciatica, joint problems, etc., may have a difficult time buying online. What happens is it may take trying out five to ten or more mattresses before finding a solution to help alleviate the pain. And, there is no proven method to select the “right” mattress. This is why we recommend visiting a local manufacturer where you can test out the materials before purchasing and sometimes get it customized to your specific needs. By visiting a local store, you may learn which materials you like and dislike. Some people learn that they don't like the feel, support, and/or comfort of a memory foam mattress and/or an "all" latex mattress. The more difficult part is getting the right comfort because the true test is sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks. This is where a small manufacturer can be helpful in fixing some issues after the sale. Since they are close by, they may be able to help diagnose the problem easier than trying to find a solution over the phone or email. Being able to visit them is a huge advantage. Plus, they have a full arsenal of materials to choose from. In some cases, the right combination of latex and springs can be ideal for some people. Everyone is different. What may be the perfect mattress for me may give another person a backache.

    Recommendations for finding the "right" mattress?

    We don’t feel comfortable recommending a specific brand or style mattress. If you let us know your zip code, we may be able to find a quality local retailer or manufacturer. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee it because in some parts of the country it doesn’t exist, but we’ll try my best to help. Also, themattressunderground.com is a great resource for finding a local manufacturer that may be able to assist you.

    Feel free to ask more questions or give us a call to clarify anything. We are always happy to help. And, please feel to give us a call Monday - Friday 9AM-4:00PM EST.