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10" Natural Latex Mattress



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Type: Latex Mattress

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 718 ratings

Don’t lose sleep over what firmness to choose.

With Spindle’s unique design you’re able to adjust the firmness yourself.

Spindle has solved the age-old mattress conundrum: Should I go soft, medium or firm? What if I sleep on it but wish it were just a bit firmer or just a bit softer? You no longer have to lose sleep over which firmness is right.

Spindle’s unique design makes each one of our mattresses inherently easy to adjust.

We always recommend starting with our Medium. It has the most flexibility and gives us a lot of options to get you comfortable. You've got options with either the Medium or Firm so there isn't a right or wrong choice. 

With any mattress we are looking for the right combination of support and cushion. Finding that sweet spot may take a few iterations or we may nail it right out of the gate. Also, what's under your latex mattress is going to affect its feel, and sometimes the bed itself needs modification to get the right feel.

Comfort Calculator
Placed inside the mattress cover are two layers of Dunlop latex rolled up showing pinholes and bottom piece of latex is flat


Putting the medium layer in the middle yields a cushier feel.

Keep in mind that there are 24 different ways you can position the latex in your mattress. You won't get 24 different feels. For most people, we can get 2, maybe 3 feels out of the Medium Spindle.

2 layers of medium Dunlop latex stacked on top of 1 firm natural latex with the holes facing down without the mattress cover
Stack of natural Dunlop latex with 2 medium and the one firm in the middle with holes facing up and no mattress cover


Putting the firm layer in the middle provides the firmest feel of this configuration.

This will [theoretically] maintain the some of the cushion, but provide a bit of support.
As you may discover, it can take a number of iterations to get the comfort just so. We caution against trying too many different things in too short a period of time. Take the journey in steps and allow time to experience and adjust to the change.

Our Latex

01 Latex provides reduced motion and noise, pressure relief, and it conforms easily to body’s curves. 

02 Three 3” layers of "100%" natural latex.

03 Continuous pour Dunlop method. Manufactured in Pennsylvania.

04 Rainforest Alliance Certified

05 Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified (Certification #16.HUS.00338)

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Rubber tree tapped with vessel attached to tree to collect the liquid latex
A flock of sheep in an open field with the sun setting in the background

Our Wool

01 Sheep raised according to Eco-Wool Standards in the Pacific Northwest.

02 Carded by Woolgatherer Carding Mill in California. 

03 Provides a natural flame barrier without added chemicals.

04 Wicks away moisture, which can help keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

05 Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified

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Our Organic Cotton

01 Produced without pesticides, pigments or bleach.

02 We use a circular knit fabric which results in an incredibly flexible and stretchy case that helps you experience the true benefits of latex.

03 Knit to our specifications in South Carolina.

04 GOTS certified organic cotton

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Four white organic cotton bolls still attached to the branch resting a white surface

Comfort Configurations

We make one bed, our 10" Natural Latex mattress, and that comes in 4 comfort levels: Soft; Medium; Firm; Extra Firm.

Our mattress is inherently easy to modify by:

- Reorganizing the layers. Changing the position and orientation of the layers can yield different feels for most people. There’s no right or wrong way to put the latex into the mattress cover. It is only wrong when it feels bad.

- Getting an additional layer. If reorganizing the layers doesn't help and we feel that latex will work for you, we will send another layer to make the mattress harder or softer as part of our comfort adjustment program. It is a one-time offer in the first year at no cost within the 48 states.

Chart for layer configurations | Soft = 3 medium | Medium = 2 medium + 1 firm | Firm = 1 medium + 2 firm | X Firm = 3 firm
Chart of ILD and density of natural latex

ILD + Density

Many people try to use Indentation Load Deflection, commonly known as ILD, as a metric when trying to decide which mattress to buy. We are happy to share our ILD data with you, but we also caution you not to base your decision on that number alone. ILD is only accurate when comparing the same type of latex from the same latex manufacturer.

We know it would be easier if there was one unified number, but feel is ultimately subjective and based on more than a single input test like ILD. So, please use caution when basing a decision on these numbers.

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We're obsessed with the subject. An all-latex mattress like Spindle needs more support than many beds can provide. What's under your mattress will affect how you sleep. Without proper support the bed will sag and/or soften and not perform as designed.

Both parts of a bed — the piece of furniture or frame, and the support system, e.g.: foundation — need to be considered.

Bedroom with platform bed supporting a natural latex mattress with white comfort pulled back showing organic cotton fabric