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Does Spindle use glue?

2 min read

No, Spindle does not use glue in its latex.

Our latex is poured in a constant stream (continuous pour), each piece is cut to size with no need for seams or glue anywhere - it is a solid piece even for a king size.

Please note that you may see a few thin ridge lines on one side of each layer. This is not glue or pieces attached together, but an impression left by seam in the mold where the plates meet.

Second, because of our layer designed, we do not need to glue our latex together. Our and any other non-glued layer system tends not to shift significantly and not cause issues for people. With the friction between the layers of latex and the cover binding them together, we see little shifting or bunching. In fact, the shifting/bunching can happen to any mattress glued or non-glued to memory foam or innerspring. It depends on how the materials are constructed and attached together. In the end, ours tends not to shift significantly and not cause issues for most people. Sometimes, people may unzip the cover and reposition the materials inside of the mattress. For some this can be an advantage compared to a sewn shut mattress where you can't do anything if the materials shift and bunch. We will never say never. Everyone is different and sensitivity is subjective. The mattress cover fits appropriately but not taught. What you use for sheets and a mattress protector may mitigate or increase the risk of bunching or shifting. As with all things, it depends and the answer isn't black and white. The shifting usually isn't an issue, but everyone has varying experiences on any mattress. We don't have any records of a complaint, but it doesn't mean that it could happen in the future. We're bias, but we are fans of the layered design. It affords us and our users the flexibility to adjust the mattress out of the box and years down the road. At the end of the day, glued versus non-glued isn't a matter of right and wrong or bad and good. It is just a matter of personal preference and what matters to you.

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