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    Reinforcing a IKEA bed frame

    1 min read

    We have a lot of customers who want to pair their Spindle with an IKEA bed frame. As is, most IKEA frames will not offer enough support for a Spindle. Fortunately, the critical mass of IKEA customers has provided a robust hacker community and their DIY solutions can be found by exploring Google Images, YouTube or Pinterest.

    This YouTube video highlights one of the shortfalls and demonstrates one way to fix it.

    There are many other postings online with pointers on how to add support to your IKEA bed.

    DIY Bed Frame for $10 shows a basic solution.
    Reinforcing an Ikea Bed gets a bit more sophisticated
    Ikea makes Sultan, a leg for their center beam. You may be able to modify it to work with your bed.
    Bedclaw makes an adjustable height leg specifically for this type of application

    To reinforce your IKEA frame, the minimum modifications we’d recommend are:

    • Use solid slats [just get 1×3 from lumber yard or Home Depot, et al], or buy a slat kit like this one.
    • Add support legs to underside of center beam [we recommend using at least 2].
    • Add support beams with legs.

    Additional support may be needed, depending on the way the bed is engineered.