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    Sample Kits

    We do not provide sample kits. The main reason is a small hand sample is not representative of a large piece or the variation between batches. A small hand sample isn't helpful in determining how our mattress will feel. And, for testing smell and appearance, a test kit is not the best solution as there is variation from batch to batch. We could send you a very fresh piece and it may not have a scent that bothers you, but the next batch could vary slightly and be found offensive. For people concerned about latex allergies, we usually recommend this as a good, affordable latex pillow. It comes only in one height and firmness, but is a great value at $50. But, if you are highly sensitive to smell, I'm unsure if a pillow would provide an adequate test. There can be a lot of variation in smell from one batch to the next. Plus, the wool and cotton have an aroma as well. So, you'll only be testing one variable.