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White Glove Delivery

With regrets, we do not offer white glove service or mattress removal. Our mattress ships broken down making it relatively easy to move from room to room.

The mattress gets delivered by UPS, usually in three boxes. Most people find the mattress relatively easy to assemble, but everyone is different. We recommend two people, though we have a video on our website showing one of our staffers putting her queen mattress together herself. Printed instructions are also provided with your mattress and we are always available to help by answering any questions you may have.

If you need assistance assembling your mattress, customers will often ask friends for help or use a service like Task Rabbit. You may be able to donate your old mattress or sell it [or "free"] on Craigslist. Some municipalities will do curbside pick-up. We also hear that services such as 1-800-got-junk are reasonably priced.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Not offering white glove and removal service is a business decision we've made. These services demand a high degree of attention from a management perspective especially in our case where we would need to maintain and oversee a distributed nationwide outsourced network. Even in the best of circumstances there is a high risk of error: trucks showing up late [or early]; muddied carpets; damage to walls or ceilings; wrong product being delivered; etc. There are retailers -- mostly in the brick + mortar space -- who do provide these services. They are valuable and add to the overall cost of goods.