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In-Home Delivery

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Do you offer In-Home Delivery and Assembly?

Everyone knows your Spindle is designed to be assembled at home. Assembly is easy and most of our customers put the mattress together themselves and receive them via UPS Ground.

For those who need assistance assembling, we sell Ryder’s in-home delivery service. Unfortunately, Spindle is unable to deliver your mattress so you will be working with Ryder once it leaves our facility.  Ryder provides a nice service and around 80% of their deliveries go as planned. We will try our best to assist you when things don’t go as planned, but we will need to work with Ryder to find a solution.

In-home delivery is not available everywhere including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and remote locations or islands in the US. 

Please call Spindle 978-263-3807 to set up in-home delivery and we’ll send you instructions on how to order.

What’s it cost?

The service costs $299.00 per mattress and/or foundation. This is nonrefundable.

What’s the in-home delivery process?

You’ll work with Ryder to select a delivery window though all days and times may not be available so it will require some flexibility. Please note that Ryder may have to cancel or change the delivery window the day of the delivery.

The two-person delivery team is at your home to do a specific job:

  1. They’ll bring the boxes into the room and assemble a Spindle mattress and/or a foundation.
  2. We suggest being with the deliver team during the assembly. You’ll need to decide the firmness setting and be there to make sure that the team assembles it properly.
  3. Once finished, they’ll remove packaging debris.
  4. The team will remove your old mattress and box spring if it’s been pre-arranged and paid for. [This must be paid for in advance otherwise they can’t.] 
  5. They will take a picture to document the finished job.

They will not:

  • rearrange the furniture.
  • remove an old bed or bed frame.
  • move your old mattress to another room.
  • Can I slip them a $20 to move my furniture? Your request may seem reasonable, harmless, and inconsequential, but the in-home team can only do what they were contracted to do.

Please be patience with the drivers.  Ryder is a large organization with over 36,000 employees.  The drivers’ previous stop may have been delivering a television and their next stop could be a washer and dryer install. Like you, this will probably be their first time assembling a Spindle mattress. Since you’ve spent a lot of time researching and learning if Spindle is right for you, you will know more about the mattress and assembly than the delivery team.

There are different ways to configure the latex. How will the delivery team know what firmness I want? 

You will need to tell them. Our assembly instructions recommend two different settings for each mattress. One as firm as possible, the other as soft as possible. Your in-home team will assemble the mattress to your desired setting. We suggest being present and in the room during the setup process to avoid any confusion and ensure that it is setup to your specifications.

What happens if I don’t like the firmness level I chose? Will the Ryder crew rebuild the mattress?

No. The in-home team’s job is to assemble the mattress and/or foundation. Once. They are not available to reconfigure it.

Again, can I slip them a $20 to adjust the mattress firmness? No. Your in-home team is only contracted to assemble your Spindle once.

What happens if I don’t like the mattress? Will the Ryder crew take it away?

No. Please contact Spindle and we will start the refund process. The $299.99 charge delivery is nonrefundable.

We recommend that you give yourself a good 30 to 60 days on the mattress before even thinking about making a change. Just because you can modify the feel doesn’t mean you have to. Please learn about our Comfort Adjustment process.

Will you take my old mattress away?

Yes. An additional $150.00 will be charged for taking away your old mattress and box spring. This must be purchased before the delivery.

The delivery team can refuse to takeaway the mattress if they believe it to be unsanitary.  Even a small drop of blood can prevent the team from removing the mattress.  If this is the case, we will refund the $150.

How long will it take to assemble the mattress?

Once the team arrives at your door you should allow up to two hours for a single mattress and/or foundation. A house with stairs, assembly of multiple mattresses, and removal of box springs will take longer. This two-hour estimate should not be confused with the two-hour “delivery” window. The delivery window is when you can expect the truck to show up. The assembly estimate is how long it will take to complete your installation.

For example, if you select a window from 9AM-11AM, the drivers may not arrive until 11AM and will still need time to setup and remove.  We suggest setting aside at least six (6) hours on the day of delivery in case something goes awry.

What do I need to do to prepare?

You will need to:

  • provide a clear path from the entryway to the bedroom. 
  • prepare your bedroom so a work crew can do their job. This means moving night-tables, lamps, chairs, laundry hampers, exercise machines, knick-knacks on bureaus, clothes racks, artwork and pictures on the wall, storage bins under the bed and any other incidentals so the delivery team doesn’t accidentally damage anything.
  • provide a clear path from the truck to your point of entry. This may mean clearing snow, ice, or other potential hazards. Please note that the delivery team can refuse to deliver if they feel the conditions are unsafe.
  • have a tablet or laptop available for the delivery team so they may watch the assembly video online.  This is recommended because this will most likely be the delivery team’s first time assembling a Spindle mattress.

When will my order arrive?

It can take as long as 4 weeks. There are many variables that determine when your order arrives. This typically includes Spindle’s production schedule, transit from Spindle’s workshop to the Ryder hub closest to you, and your availability for having the mattress delivered and assembled. Other factors include delivery exceptions, e.g.: lost packages, weather delays, holidays, high volume times of year, and more.

Can I choose a delivery that fits my calendar?

Within reason, Ryder delivers 7 days each week in most areas. The earliest delivery is 8:00 am. Their last appointment is 6:00 pm. Please note that not all dates and times are available and subject to change. For example, they have three deliveries on the south shore who’ve requested AM deliveries and you live on the North Shore and want an AM delivery. In this case, Ryder will not be able to accommodate your request.

Ryder is scheduling multiple delivers, managing cancellations, dealing with employees, handling trucks in need of repair, etc. so they may need to adjust times to optimize the routing of the trucks. Ryder may cancel or change the deliver window the night before or day of the deliver.

How does the scheduling process work?

We’ll send you shipping confirmation when the order leaves our dock with an estimated date of arrival to the Ryder hub closest to you.

You’ll use Ryderview to track the status of your order. You won’t see station to station progress as your mattress crosses the country, but you’ll know when its arrived in your area.

  • Once Ryder has had an opportunity to inspect the shipment, they’ll contact you with delivery options that fit your schedule.
  • The day before delivery, Ryder will connect again to confirm the two-hour delivery window you chose. In some cases, they may move your delivery window the night before or even the morning of the select delivery.  We suggest checking the night before and the morning of.
  • The drivers will call you when they're roughly 30 minutes from your home to let you know they're close.
  • Shipping exceptions — weather; periods of high volume; lost packages; and the like — may affect your delivery.
  • Unexpected delays may occur like traffic or extra time needed to setup and remove products at deliveries before yours that can cause them to be late to your delivery.

What if I think there’s something wrong with the mattress or foundation?

Be sure to inspect the mattress and/or foundation before the in-home team leaves. If it’s something simple and related to the work assignment, the crew may be able to fix it right then and there. If the issue is more complicated, like a damaged cover or broken slat, please send detailed pictures to We’ll review the situation and work with you to make things right. Keep in mind that we may not be able to immediately fix an issue. Please be patient as we work to find a solution.

Spindle’s customer service is only available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 430PM [Eastern]. If a problem happens with the delivery, we may not be able to assist you until the following day.

What happens if I got sent the wrong product?

Mistakes happen. Please inspect the packages before they’ve been opened. Be sure labeling on the latex matches the mattress size and firmness you are expecting. If there are any issues, please contact us at or 978-263-3807.  Spindle’s team is only available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 430PM.  Any issues outside of our normal business hours will not be fixed until the following business day.

The install team damaged something in my home. Who do I call?

Even though your in-home team is experienced and careful, accidents will happen. In the off-chance your home is damaged — or if you have any issues with your in-home delivery service — you must report it to Ryder immediately.

Before the crew leaves your home you’ll be asked to sign-off on the job, including a question asking if the property was left damage-free. If damage is reported, Ryder’s claims team will reach out to you to settle any claims. Taking pictures of the damaged area will help expedite the process. It is imperative that you work with Ryder’s staff directly. They are responsive and responsible, expert at in-home logistics, and will help resolve any in-home delivery-related issues.

Of course, never hesitate to email or call (978) 263-3807. We’ll intervene on your behalf, as appropriate, but it’s in all parties’ interest to keep communications channels as clear as possible. 

What could go wrong with the delivery?

Ryder provides a nice service and around 80% of their deliveries go as planned, but the other 20% have some challenges that could be something as simple as arriving 15 minutes late. On the other hand, you may:

  • Receive wrong packages delivered and a redelivery required.
  • Have something damaged inside your home – scrapped wall, broken light fixture, frame knocked off the wall, dirt on the rug, etc.
  • Sit home all day and then have Ryder cancel the delivery and reschedule for a week later.
  • Have the product damaged during assembly.

Is this a white glove service?

No.  While Ryder may classify this as a white glove service, it is not.  The deliver team will be vetted and trained by Ryder, but here are things that you may encounter:

  • The team may have been an employee of Ryder for only a few weeks.
  • The delivery people may wear cologne.
  • The delivery team may be smokers. While they won’t be smoking around your mattress, they may choose to smoke on their breaks and therefore smell like smoke.
  • The team will wear their shoes into your home and not remove them nor will they wear booties. You may ask, but they may refuse.
  • The team will not wear white gloves.
  • They will not wash their hands before assembling. You may ask, but no guarantees.

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