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    Do coil counts don’t make you sleep better?

    by Dean Trumbell [Guest Blogger] November 19, 2017 2 min read

    Do the number of coils in an innerspring mattress make you sleep any better? Thankfully, I don’t hear this as much as I did a few years ago. The premise of the argument is that more is better. Perhaps, some retailers have realized that getting into this debate offers any real informational value to the consumer. There are so many types of innersprings on the market today the argument has become ludicrous. To add to the confusion for consumers, there is gauge of the wire, number of turns in the coil and type of coil. There are bonnell, offset, non-knotted open offset, continuous, LFK and pocket coils to name a few. Knowing the number of coils in each one of these types of innerspring offers little value of information to consumers. Personally, I think some salespeople use this type of information to confuse the consumer so they can manipulate them into buying the mattress they want to sell, not what may be best for the consumer. Retail sales manipulators are the last people I would pick to offer insight into the subject of coil counts offering a better night’s sleep.

    I have worked with all the above-mentioned innerspring units and I do have my particular favorites. What I look for is what innerspring unit is going to give the feel and support I am looking for when designing a mattress. For example, if I am looking for the final product to have less side-to-side movement (or motion transfer) I would be inclined to look at pocket coil designs. Even in this situation I would not get into “the weeds” of the more is better debate. Remember it is about comfort and support, not piling in as many coils as I possibly can to win that ridiculous debate. Again, my recommendation is to always buy from someone you trust who really takes into account what is best for your needs, not is what is best for their needs. In conclusion knowing coil count in particular mattress will not really help you in that decision, only confuse you.