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    Don't Blame the Forecasters -- or the mattress

    by Kim Novick January 28, 2015 2 min read

    I'm writing this from just outside Boston on the day after a pretty big snowstorm. We got hit with a solid 20" of snow at our house, drifting to nearly four feet in places. There was tons of wind. Nantucket got hit so hard that power, cable, phone and cable all went out. Ferry service was stopped. There was no way that anyone could have flown in. The island was literally closed off from the rest of the world, though emergency services had some kind of radio or satellite phones to communicate with the Governor and other officials who were hunkered down in a bunker. Worcester, just west of us, got 34" of the white stuff. I-90 was closed its entire length of the state, about 150 miles. The whole experience was kind of cool. The state got a snowday.

    This was a blizzard so strong that in NYC Mayor Deblasio shut the city down. That's intense. All of the roads were closed. Trains were stored underground. The hatches were battened. The city ended up only getting about 6 inches of snow: all that planning for naught. News outlets today were full of Monday morning quarterbacks blaming officials in NY & NJ for making a mistake; blaming the forecasters for making a mistake; blaming Mother Nature for not having gotten the memo. Basically, nothing could meet their expectations.

    GIMME a Break!  The storm missed NYC by about 40 miles. We're talking a storm that stretched from DC to Maine and from the east coast to the Ohio River. 40 miles isn't even big enough to be considered a rounding error. There are lots of factors at work and it isn't any one person's fault.

    At Spindle we experience this in the form of a customer who associates their mattress with acute discomfort and are coming to Spindle looking for a solution. While a natural latex mattress provides great support it is not a medical device. Discomfort can be caused by many factors: one's pillow; sleeping position; something that occurred  two days ago and didn't even register; a chronic condition; a new physical development that has nothing to do with sleeping but is first noticed while arising. 

    Our mattresses are super comfortable and have great support, but they should in no way be expected to deliver any kind of "cure". The great thing about Spindle mattresses is that they're adjustable, and we're always here to help fine tune your mattress to your particular liking. And if you want pointers on digging out from tons of snow we'll be happy to talk about that too.