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    Mattress Dominoes

    by Kim Novick May 06, 2014 1 min read

    Dominoes falling in the same manner as mattresses used in mattress dominoes

    I was online researching something for Spindle when I stumbled across mattress dominoes. It looked like a fun if silly idea. Simmons & Red Roof Inns joined up for a promotional event in New Orleans. The Huffington Post has the video and a brief story here.

    My first reaction was, "I wouldn't want to try that with one of our mattresses", because our 10" latex mattresses are pretty heavy. My guess is that the mattresses they use for these tumbles are in the 25lb range. When you get toppled your feet end up hanging over the edge of your mattress and under the mattress in front of you. Our twin mattresses weigh-in around 70lbs to 75lbs, and that latex is pretty solid once it's wrapped up in our cotton twill case. My poor tootsies would be barkin', "Get that thing off of me". Not only that, but the Spindle is all latex foam and has no innerspring, which makes it a great mattress for sleeping. We'll leave the domino trick to others. 

    It seems that there are other folks out there trying to break the record. Guinness reports the record was set in Germany in 2012 by furniture retailer Höffner with 1,150 participants. If you cruise around you should be able to find a mattress dominoes video done in China with 256 folks and celebratory indoor fireworks. 

    Silly but fun!