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    Should I buy a King or Queen Size Latex Mattress?

    by Spindle Mattress October 22, 2017 2 min read

    Amongst the questions consumers have when shopping for a new latex mattress, one of the biggest choices is choosing the correct size. Is the purchase for you and your sleeping partner or is it for a guest room? As far as total sleeping surface goes king size offers the greatest amount of sleeping surface. A king size mattress is 76” x 79.5”, queen size is 60” x 79.5”, full size is 53” x 74.5” and twin size is 38” x 74.5”. For couples the only size to really consider is between king and queen sizes. Depending on the size of your bedroom, king size will far and away the most space for you and your partner. Queen and king size are identical in length (app. 6 ft. 8 inches), so the determining factor is the additional width each sleeper has in a king size mattress. In a queen each person will have app. 30” or 2 ft. 6” apiece on their side of the mattress. King size offers 38” or 3 ft. 2” per person. This is an additional 8” per person which is an enormous amount of individual space for each sleeper. As far as unencumbered and disturbance free sleep, we would recommend a king size mattress for no other reason than this.

    If the purchase is for a guest room, again do you have the size room to accommodate a king size bed? Is the room large enough to accommodate a larger bed with the additional bedroom furniture you have in the room? Typically, a bedroom needs to be at least 10 ft. x 15 ft. is necessary if there is additional furniture in the room.

    As far as cost, usually king size mattress and foundations will run $300 to $700 more than queen size. Sheets and top of the bed accessories can also cost an additional $200 to $300 more as well. If you already have a king or queen size mattress in your home, those cost can be shared and reduced a little bit.

    All in all, from our experience of sleeping on a king size latex mattresses for the last 20 years with my sleeping partner, the choice would always go with a king over a queen size mattress. Remember this is a choice you will have to live with over the next 10 years or so during the life of a mattress. So, if you have the room and the budget, we recommend going with a king size mattress.