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    The Goldilocks mattress. Your mileage may vary.

    by Kim Novick February 19, 2015 2 min read

    I mentioned in a previous post that my wife and I put our new mattress together about 2 weeks ago. Here I’ll give some observations about transitioning to latex from an innerspring mattress.

    Prior to our Spindle we were on a 10 year old, very well-constructed, firm Gardner innerspring mattress with a latex pillow top. While we had no thoughts of getting a new mattress, ours was beginning to show its age. Or maybe it was me who was showing his age. Over the past year or so — even before I started working with Spindle — I had now and then become aware of the surface on which I was sleeping. The pillow top had a bit of an indentation, though it wasn’t compressed; the mattress still had it’s firmness; and it was structurally sound without a sag in sight. The mattress didn’t seem to feel as cushy as it once had, which is more of a reflection on me than on the mattress. I’ve reached a point where I want more cush, and I do remember the mattress salesman saying that the mattress would be good for about 10 years. We’ll be using that bed in a guest bedroom. It’s got plenty of life left in it for that. It’s serendipitous that the Spindle latex mattress appeared when it did.

    My wife and I were excited to sleep on our new mattress. Our configuration is a Spindle Abscond Firm with a Medium topper. It is a super luxurious sleep, and feels completely different than an innerspring. The latex provides incredible support that’s gentle; very different from the rigid structure of tempered steel. The latex construction delivers an all encompassing experience; like being supported by air and hugged at the same time. I’ve also described its support as not unlike lying on a waterbed [but without the waves and the shag rug in the back of the van]. Both are buoyant: in a waterbed you’re floating and on latex you’re being held up. Think of those levitation group exercises where ten people lift you up using only two fingers on each hand. Before you know you’re off the ground you feel like you’re floating. That’s been my experience. It’s very cool. You’re mileage may vary.

    The motion-transfer is another noticeable feature. I’m much less aware of my wife’s tossing and turning all night, and she doesn’t seem bothered each time I roll over. I’m sleeping soundly through the night — it’s almost like taking an Ambien; and so much healthier.

    After about two weeks I’m in heaven with this new bed.