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    Will knowing the ILD ensure that I select the right mattress?

    As a 30 year plus industry insider I am amazed at how much technical information is available on online blogs and informational websites that discuss technical details such as ILD (Indention Load Deflection). First off what does this mean. Quite simply it is the amount of weight it takes to take down a 16” round plate 25% or 1 inch into a 4” piece of foam (either latex or urethane). This certainly can be beneficial to mattress manufacturers when choosing what type of latex is needed for comfort, transitional and support layers in their particular mattress they are building. However, for the consumer, this can be information overload. Even from a mattress designer’s perspective what looks good on paper many times ends up with a product that does not always meet your expectations. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. In other words, how the final product feels and performs. Have you heard the expression “too much information”? Essentially by familiarizing with all the technical information that is available, consumers can almost build their own product. I equate this with an elementary student building an airplane or skyscraper. I know one particular individual who actually runs one of these blogs who was very disappointed with the mattress he had customized for him.

    What I am suggesting, do you feel confident enough as a consumer to have a mattress manufacturer build a mattress to your own specifications? There are credible competent mattress manufacturers who have been in the business of building extremely comfortable long lasting bedding products for decades. They did not become successful by “ripping off” consumers. Conversely, they have been around for years manufacturing products that are not only very well made, but that offer the comfort you need for a good night sleep.

    In conclusion, I have no problem with consumers arming themselves with technical information. Just make sure you as a consumer have the framework of understanding to make rational decisions based on that information. I think a better alternative is to buy from a company that offers you solutions in the unlikely event you are not happy with your mattress purchase.