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A latex mattress like Spindle's is traditionally thought of as the mattress maker’s mattress. It’s got a “mellow” feel and incredibly comfortable.

Plus, it’s healthier. No chemical flame retardants; no chlorinated or brominated solvents.

And, it's a proven product. Even our founder's grandparents slept on a natural latex mattress back in the 1950s.

Cutting Costs. Not Corners.

Spindle takes a different approach. We control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. From how we source our materials to how your mattress is made to how it ends up in your hands. 

foam rubber poured onto pins to vulcanize into latex
Our mattress making experience and relationships with suppliers ensures that we get the highest quality materials at the best prices.
hands holding raw wool before carding
We buy our latex, wool, and organic cotton fabrics directly from the source. These manufacturers make them in the USA.
three brown boxes with spindle logo in a bedroom
We bypass the mattress stores and their prices and high profit. The money goes into your pocket instead of the mattress store’s pocket.
workshop with american flag hanging from the ceiling
Our mattress cases and covers are sewn to our specifications by real people. We ship directly from our facility in Massachusetts.

We give back

It's more than making and selling latex mattresses. It's about making the world a better place.

We help others in need by donating one mattress for every 10 Spindle mattresses sold.

Our business should be run as though people and the environment matter so we donate 10% of our profits to environmental organizations.