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    WHY Latex?

    A latex mattress like Spindle's is traditionally thought of as the mattress maker’s mattress. It’s got a “mellow” feel and incredibly comfortable. Plus, it’s healthier. No chemical flame retardants; no chlorinated or brominated solvents. And, it's a proven product. Even our founder's grandparents slept on a natural latex mattress back in the 1950s.


    Be human

    We treat our customers how we would want to be treated if we were a customer. It sounds cliché, but we are serious about it. We admit that we are not always perfect, but we always try and do the right thing.

    one size never really fits all.

    Everyone is a little different. You are unique and we respect that. We will not try to fit you into our box. Instead, we will give personalize recommendations to you.

    Be open, be honest, and be candid.

    Is this mattress better than our mattress? We will tell you. We will let you know. Honest questions, no matter how many times we have heard them, will always receive honest answers.


    We educate our customers, and we educate our people in all things mattresses to ensure we maintain our position as a trusted service provider which is why we have many dedicated pages answering questions on latex mattresses.

    Continuously improve

    Things move pretty fast out here and we are always trying to bring you the best organic and natural sleep solutions.


    We will not sell anything we think is not highest quality or cut corners to make a quick buck.

    We give back

    It's more than making and selling latex mattresses. It's about making the world a better place.

    Take responsibility.

    We are all human. We occasionally make mistakes. If we make a mistake, we will fix it. If we give you information that turns out to be wrong, we will own the mistake and make it right.

    Contact us

    Email: support@spindlemattress.com

    Phone 978-263-3807

    Hours 9AM to 5PM (Monday – Friday)

    If you get voicemail leave us a message with your name, phone number and the best time to call you back.

    If you are trying to contact us outside of our normal business hours, please send us an email.