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    Memorial Day Mattress Sale

    Receive $600 off any eligible mattress. Then, sleep on it for 90 days. If you love your new Spindle mattress, receive an additional $100 rebate.

    To be eligible, you must purchase any size 10" Organic Latex Mattress, Split Firmness - King Size, or Choose Your Firmness. Only available on purchases made between 5/23/2022 and 5/31/2022. Sorry, but we can't combine this promotion with any other discount codes or coupons.

    How do I redeem the rebate? Sleep on the mattress for at least 90 days. If you love your Spindle, receive $100 back by emailing support@spindlemattress.com to initiate your submission. You will need to know your date of purchase, order number, shipping address, and email address used to purchase. Once Spindle receives the email, you will receive a notification within seven to 10 days.
    Who can redeem the rebate? The original purchaser is only eligible to receive the rebate.
    How long do I have to redeem my rebate? Please sleep on the mattress for 90 days and then you will have 365 days from receipt of the mattress to redeem the rebate.
    Can I submit my rebate request as soon as I get the mattress? No. You must sleep on the mattress at least 90 days before requesting your $100.