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Latex Mattress Reviews

Quality can be quantified. Comfort is subjective.
Customers, bloggers, and the press all validate
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We're not for everyone.

Everybody has their own threshold as to what qualifies as comfortable. Some companies promise "you'll sleep through the night" or "wake up pain free". We're pretty careful to avoid claims with no baseline, can't be substantiated or are really subjective in nature. We'd rather provide as much information as we can and let the consumer make up their own mind.

About 85% of our customers take to their mattress right out of the box and love their mattress.

For others, it may take a little while. Getting used to anything new takes time. We typically recommend taking 30 to 60 days to become one with your Spindle. We encourage you to try to take at least a week, if not two. This is not an attempt to kick your issue down the road. It's just that the more time you spend on the new mattress the better you'll be able to articulate your experience, helping us determine the best path to pursue. We're reluctant to begin making changes after a night or two.

With any mattress we are looking for the right combination of support and cushion. Finding that sweet spot may take a few iterations an effort or we may nail it right out of the gate.

With a mattress like ours, you've got options if you generally like the feel of latex. That's the beauty behind the design, it's inherently easy to modify the comfort of your Spindle. We can't make it feel like an innerspring or memory foam mattress, but the chances are they'll enjoy our mattress if you like the feel of latex.

Facebook Review

We went to 2 stores in Manhattan, in an attempt to learn about beds, and I decided that I wanted a full latex bed. I researched and researched, and drove myself crazy with all of the different reviews on the internet for so many Companies. I decided to buy a mattress from the same company that I purchased my adjustable bed frame from. Big mistake. It was 6 inches of latex over foam and was on the hard side for 2 side and back sleepers. So back it went and my research started again. Spindle was one of the beds that I originally researched, but its’ price threw me off. How can a full latex bed be over $1,000 cheaper than its’ competitors? After much research I decided to buy a queen size bed from Spindle, and had both a medium and a firm layer of latex cut, just in case my husband wanted a firmer side. My husband was not happy with having to put the bed together ourselves. We both have knee and back issues and he was dreading delivery day. It was not difficult. It took under an hour, and that included a bedbug encasement (we live in NY, need I say more?), a mattress protector and sheets. I am very happy with my new Spindle. My husband is also happy but to him “a mattress is just a mattress”. Men!

Marla B.

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The Mattress Underground Review

I wanted to let Phoenix and TMU know that I also purchased a Spindle mattress from Kim and Neal (Kim was the one who helped me). It was such a great purchase experience for the following reasons:

1. Responsive: Neal was the first to reply to an email query and he took the time to answer my questions in great detail. Email was a test and they passed with flying colors. Kim was also great in helping me figure out which "firmness" to purchase.

2. Mattress selection: We purchased a queen in firm. This, after taking Neal's advice to try out some Savvy Rest mattresses. I took notes while my hubs and I tested out various configurations. Working from the bottom up, I liked the Firm, Med, Med stack and my hubs preferred the Firm, Firm, Med. Given that my hubs and I have a noticeable difference in BMI, we went with Kim's suggestion to purchase a firm. As he explained, it is easier for me to go softer with a topper, than for my hubs, who needs more support, to go firmer. (Notes: We tried a lot of beds and configurations including a Latex hybrid with HD foam, Pure Talalay Bliss, latex with nano and zoned coils, and all latex Dunlop options. Talalay was too soft and Dunlop felt much better. Plus, I wanted to go with the minimally processed latex.)

3. Informative website: Wow, the content on their website is just as helpful as TMU. I appreciated their honesty and no BS, even going so far as to say that perhaps latex isn't for everyone (so call them to make sure). They are very clear about their audience and their ideal buyers (people who want a latex bed). I felt no pressure to purchase anything at any time.

4. Delivery: Kim was really helpful in working with me to deliver on a certain date which was very important.

5. Price: I had started out with options such as Casper, Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, Luma, etc. and after all the reading I did here, at TMU, Spindle came out to hit a lot on my checklist of value. We did spend more than I initially intended, but again, after the research, I feel we got a great deal.

So … we'll see. I'll update once delivery occurs and after we've had a chance to give our new mattress a run. We will also be purchasing a foundation Spindle recommends so we start out with the correct set up out the gate. For anyone reading … the foundation is key to a successful latex mattress experience. Thank you TMU, Phoenix and others who make this website work every day!


Google Review

We are so, so pleased with our Spindle mattress!! We did A LOT of research on mattresses and were close to buying a completely different type of mattress when we found Spindle. I called one day to learn more and was so impressed that Kim spent close to an hour on the phone with me explaining the latex and discussing what would be the best option for my husband and me. He even suggested I go to some stores to try out a competitor's mattress--and said if I thought it was best for us, to buy it. The competitor mattress convinced me that I wanted a latex mattress, but Kim's customer service (and the price!) convinced me I wanted a Spindle. After a few more conversations with Kim by phone and e-mail, we decided on the best options for us. We have had it about a month now & are SO pleased. I have had a significant reduction in the back and hip pain I feel when I wake up in the morning--some mornings I have no pain, which is remarkable! Furthermore, we love that we can customize our mattresses. We bought 2 twin XL for our king bed. I LOVE being able to move layers around to get the perfect fit for each of us. We are both sleeping SO MUCH better than on the memory foam mattress we replaced. And did I mention the reduction in pain??? So, so grateful to have found Spindle!

Beverly P.

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White headboard with a mattress covered in white sheets, pillows, and comforter next to night stand with a lamp and computer

Angie's List Review

We bought a King Size Firm Latex mattress with a Medium latex topper and organic cover.

We started our search for a mattress at sleep number and at Jordan's. We tried out air mattresses, innerspring, tempurpedic and latex mattresses. We left Jordan's really liking the Pranasleep Vinyasa plush, but not liking the $5200 price. I was determined to find a more reasonable option. I found the website Mattress underground and learned about Spindle Mattress in Acton.

We visited the Spindle Mattress and they have their bed available to try in 4 firmness: soft, medium, firm and extra firm. It was very low key and low pressure. What is nice about the mattress is that you see exactly what is in the mattress - 3 layers of 3" latex zipped into a mattress cover.

My husband and I are both side sleepers and wanted a soft feel, but with support. I mentioned to Kim that I really liked the plushness/pillow top of the viyana plush bed and he suggested that we try the firm mattress with a medium mattress topper. He set up that option for us and we really liked it. The topper feels very soft and provided the "plushness" I was looking for.

We put our order in and a few days later we picked it up. They do FEDEX delivery, but we picked it up ourselves. You receive the mattress and put it together yourself. It was a 2 person job, but did not take us long. We had been warned that you initially will think the latex doesn't fit in the mattress cover, but it does. Look at the spindle site or on you tube as there are helpful hints on how to adjust the latex so it lines up. We zipped up the cover and placed the mattress topper on top.

We have been very happy and the entire experience was very pleasant. I feel we got a better product for much less. Note: If after buying the mattress you feel the mattress is too hard/soft - Spindle will work with you to change a layer of latex to help you adjust your mattress.

Angie’s List

Yelp Reviewer

Spindle Mattress sells latex mattresses, the best type in existence (vs inner spring and memory foam) in opinion of both consumers and experts.
Their mattresses are a bargain, costing 50% of the similar "brand name" models.
There is no need to haggle over the price, no need to wait for holiday "sales", this is a beautiful buying experience.
Beside being a joy to sleep on, their mattresses are highly adjustable. They are made from 3-4 layers of latex foam of variable firmness, and so not only can you pick firmness that is most comfortable before buying it, but if are not quite happy, you can buy a replacement layer of different firmness after sleeping on the mattress for several months at home.
One of the HUGE benefits of buying mattress in layers, is that the mattress is delivered in fairly small boxes, each layer in a separate roll. My wife has been dreaming of a king size bed for years, if not decades, but the staircase clearance does not allow anything bigger than the queen size through. With Spingle Mattress, I get to carry several compact boxes upstairs, unroll the layers, stuff them into the mattress cover, and earn so many brownie points that I can stop loading the dishwasher for the rest of my life.
The pre-sale service is fantastic. There is no pressure whatsoever. The owner, Neal is a fourth generation mattress maker, and has true expert knowledge, that no salesmen in a box store may ever match. He builds and sells a fantastic product, patiently lets customers try every possible combination of layers, explains advantages vs other mattress types and brands. I am an engineer, and he answered my entirely too technical questions with both expertise and patience. So, if you want best possible, without qualifications, good night sleep (and other on-mattress activities) head to Spindle Mattress.

Gene G.

A spindle mattress cut apart showing the wool stitched inside of the organic cotton fabric and the raw natural latex with pinholes facing down

The Mattress Reviewers' Opinion

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