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    Positives: If you're trying to get a natural bed without any exorbitant price, this is a good choice, in our opinion. Sturdy, so we're sure it'll last quite a long time. Quick shipping (next business day) and quicker delivery than expected (received 3 days after shipping). Not-so-positives: For all the memory-foam mattress lovers out there looking for a natural alternative, although this is probably the best you'll get, do understand this does not feel anything like a memory foam mattress. Comparing latex foam to memory foam is like comparing collard greens to spinach which are both green vegetables but that's it. The latex mattress feels like a firm innerspring mattress. There's no "loving hugs" or cradling. No "ah" when lying down on the mattress after a long day's work. Of course, we've been on a Tempur-Pedic for 13 years, though not unfamiliar with latex mattresses; slept on parents' and grandparents' over the years. That being said, we had to wean ourselves off of the memory foam via an old 1-1/4" memory foam topper we used for guests. Otherwise, we were unable to stand sleeping on the Spindle Mattress. Too firm. After 4 months, we were finally able to remove the topper and sleep on the latex mattress without it. So just be prepared for the transition.


    Two stars and mattress. Illustration


    I have had this mattress for nearly two months now, and am still not sleeping well on it. I bought it based on previous experience with a latex mattress topper - my bed has a regular old firm mattress and a 2" medium/firm latest mattress topper. I thought that going all the way - plus the natural cover - would be even better. I used the firmness selection tool on the website to select my firmness, and ended up with Medium. It came very quickly, and with three people it was easier to put together than I thought. However, it is far far stiffer / firmer than expected. I sleep on a mix of my side and stomach and it makes my arms fall asleep sometimes.


    Three stars and mattress. Illustration


    Spindle service was great. Quick delivery. The bed took about an hour and a half to assemble, including the platform. The mattress is much heavier than I would have expected. No odor. Great motion control. Harder than I anticipated. I'm disheartened that my husband and I still turn as much as before b/c of pressure spots. I'm thinking about for an adjustment from the medium to the soft comfort level


    One star and mattress. Illustration


    Medium, too soft and so uncomfortable. It sinks my body, and then the spine does not align properly. Even firm spindle would not work for me since I tried that firmness level too.




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