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Spindle mattress unzipped showing 3 layers of 100% natural latex

Experience natural latex

Your Organic Bedroom in Doylestown, Pennsylvania has two of Spindle's natural latex mattresses on display. Lie down and learn if a Spindle is right for you.

Amy Staub + Mike Staub in their organic mattress showroom in Philly

A Family Business

Amy Staub and her husband, Mike, started the first organic mattress store in Philadelphia area back - yes, technically Doylestown.

Back in 2009, Amy was unable to find any mattresses made with natural materials and free of any potential harmful flame retardants. So, they started Your Organic Bedroom to offer an alternative to the conventional mattress made with polyurethane foam and other synthetic flame retardant chemicals.

Check out their store and explore all the mattresses constructed using wool, organic cotton, and "100%" natural latex. And, say hello to either Mike or Amy - they actually work there, too.  They have an incredible knowledge about natural and organic mattresses having lived and breathed them for the last 10 years.

Inside of Your Organic Bedroom with altex mattresses displayed

Come and visit

Your Organic Bedroom

323 S. Main Street,

Doylestown, PA. 18901

Phone: (215) 345-5551

Email: info@yourorganicbedroom.com

Experience more than a Spindle

Bedroom with platform bed supporting a natural latex mattress with white comfort pulled back showing organic cotton fabric

Visit + Save

Tryout our natural latex mattress at Your Organic Mattress in Doylestown. Lie down and learn if a Spindle is comfortable.

If so, save $200 off any of our "100%" natural latex mattresses.

Discount Code: Philly

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