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    Choose Your Firmness

    The vast majority of people find that our 10” Organic Latex Mattress with a soft, medium, and firm layer work for them, but there are others who need something firmer or with more support. Our three layer design gives us a lot of flexibility to find the right comfort for each individual. A major benefit of our latex mattress is that you have the ability to choose the firmness that best fits your needs.

    • Process: Dunlop Method
      Type: "100%" Organic Latex [Commonly Called]
      Manufactured: Sri Lanka
      - Oeko-Tex 100 – Class I
      - Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) Certified
      - Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) Certified

    • Our Organic Wool batting is stitched inside of an organic cotton fabric and placed above the natural latex.
      Type: 20 oz per yd2 wool batting made with pure, organic wool. Nothing else. No polyester, no chemical flame retardants or other synthetic materials.
      Manufactured: Carded in Northern California.
      Source: Sheep raised in New Zealand.
      - Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
      - Oeko Tex 100 certified

    • Type:
      - Top Fabric: Circular Knit - Organic Cotton [Sleep Surface]
      - Side and Bottom Fabric: Canvas - Organic Cotton
      Manufactured: The organic cotton fabric used in the mattress is woven in the Carolinas.
      Source: The raw organic cotton comes from either New Mexico, Texas, or India depending on the buying season and availability. Domestic is the primary source, but not guaranteed.
      Certifications: GOTS Certified Organic Fabrics

    • Latex Firmness ILD
      Density [kg/m3] Density [lbs/ft3]
      Medium 26 - 29 75 4.68
      Firm 34 - 37 85 5.31
      Many people try to use Indentation Load Deflection, commonly known as ILD, as a metric when trying to decide which mattress to buy. We are happy to share our ILD data with you, but we also caution you not to base your decision on that number alone. ILD is only accurate when comparing the same type of latex from the same latex manufacturer. We know it would be easier if there was one unified number, but feel is ultimately subjective and based on more than a single input test like ILD. So, please use caution when basing a decision on these numbers.


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    Sold exclusively online. Ships free. Try it for 365-nights, risk free.

    Latex layers inserted into cover. IllustrationA MATTRESS REDESIGNED
    With Spindle’s unique design, you’re able to adjust the firmness.

    Simply the best organic latex mattress you can buy for the price.

    Two leaves. IllustrationNATURAL + ORGANIC
    Made from nature. Avoid harmful VOCs and chemical flame retardants.