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Split Firmness

June 20, 2019 2 min read

Yes, we have the ability to make the mattress so that each side has a different firmness.

Our standard setup for our mattress is to use three solid layers of latex. While we do not list it for sale on our website, we do offer splitting, but usually only recommend it for king size mattresses. Keep in mind that we usually don't recommend splitting a queen size since most people share the middle on a a queen size or smaller. Because, someone ends up sleeping on two different firmnesses which can be uncomfortable for most people. Or, each sleeper is confined to a smaller sleep area thus making the mattress less comfortable to sleep on. With a split queen, you only have 30" of space to yourself. This is 8" narrower than a twin. Most people wouldn't be comfortable sleeping on something so narrow. This, of course, is a personal and subjective choice.

The most popular configuration splits the bottom two layers. It allows people to get two different firmness in one mattress for those that need/want to vary the firmness on each side and it gives you a wider range of flexibility down the road to adjust the comfort to each individual's liking. There is an additional fee of $50/layer so two layers would add $100 to the cost of your mattress.

We try to keep the top layer as a solid piece to unify the layers and make the transition from one side of the bed to the other more subtle. Keep in mind that when the layers are split you may notice a slight change in the feel in the middle of the mattress. Some mention that they feel a ridge or a dip and when going from the softer side to the harder side, people mention a feeling of trying to climb up a hill. To the contrary, when going from the harder to softer, they may say they feel as if they are rolling off or dipping down.This has not been an issue for any of our customers who sleep on a king with a split firmness, but doesn't mean that it will work for everyone and it could end up being a problem for someone down the road. Plus, there is potential for minor height variance between each side because there is a natural tolerance, an acceptable plus or minus, in latex. So, one side could be a 1/4" short and the other side a 1/4" tall leading to a 1/2" difference between each side. Again, this hasn't been a problem for most people, but we like to make people aware and not be a surprise later.

We want to give you the facts and potential issues so that you can make a well informed decision without the hype.

Because this is a special order you'll need to call or email us. It's too easy for nuances to get lost in an email thread -- especially with a topic as subjective and personal as comfort. We'll discuss your particular needs and the best way to achieve them. The more we know, the better chance we have of getting you more comfortable.

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