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    Discount Codes, Coupon, and Sales

    What are some ways you can save at Spindle beyond the current sale?
    You can save an additional $100 off our current sale price by using discount code: SLEEP. Available on select mattresses. Sorry, but we can't combine this promotion with any other discount codes or coupons.

    When can you save the most at on Spindle mattress?

    • The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales come with impressive deals. In the past, Spindle’s deals have included $600 off your new mattress.
    • Spindle offers sales during major holidays like Presidents’ Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day. You might be able to get $500 off when you buy a new mattress on our website.
    • Keep in mind that we run varying promotions throughout the month and sometimes you might be able to grab a great discount on a new latex mattress equal to a Black Friday sale.