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Mattress Specifications

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Mattress Construction

Spindle Mattress is an assemble at home modular mattress design. Spindle keeps mattress construction simple and uses two different densities of latex to provide four different comfort feels. Each Spindle Mattress comes with the following materials,

Mattress Cover:10" Zipper Cover made with organic cotton along with 1" natural wool batting quilted in a circular knit organic cotton.

Mattress Interior:Three 3" layers of Natural continuous pour Dunlop Latex. Latex layers are configured based on selected firmness.     

Spindle's Natural Latex 

100% Natural Oeko-Tex Certified continuous pour latex.  Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Mountain Top Foam. Raw latex sourced from plantations in Guatemala and the Asia/Pacific region. Spindle also carries certification from the Rain Forest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council

What is ILD

Many people try to use Indentation Load Deflection, commonly known as ILD, as a metric when trying to decide which mattress to buy. We are happy to share our ILD data with you, but we also caution you not to base your decision on that number alone. ILD is only accurate when comparing the same type of latex from the same latex manufacturer.

Comparing Spindle's ILD

If you are doing a comparative analysis, we suggest you use the lower limit of the
ILD tolerance at the 40% compression rating when comparing our latex to Talalay. As for molded Dunlop from other manufacturers, it’s important to look at the ILD in conjunction with the density. Density is measured kg/m3 in the metric system or lb/ft3 in the numeric system. Density is important in determining how soft or firm a piece of latex may be.

Synthetic latex ILD vs. Natural latex ILD

A manufacturer of latex can produce Sythetic blended latex with the same ILD as 100% natural latex. Both may have the same ILD but can feel completely different. This is simply because the process and compounds that are used in the curing process of the latex foam are different. So both may have the same ILD rating yet one may feel softer and the other firmer. Which is subjective case by case.


We know it would be easier if there was one unified number, but feel is ultimately subjective and based on more than a single input test like ILD. So, please use caution when basing a decision on these numbers. Contact us if you have any questions in comparing Spindle's latex to any other manufactured foam.

Spindle's Indentation Load Deflection and Density Ratings

Table for 'Spindle Mattress' Natural Latex indentation load deflection ratings for Spindle Mattress natural Dunlop latex

Comfort Configurations

Firmness Chart


Twin: 38" x 74.5"

Twin XL: 38" x 79.5"

Full: 53" x 74.5"

Queen: 60" x 79.5"

King: 76 x 79.5"

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